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Health and Safety

Employer Cares

In accordance with section 6 of the Factories Ordinance, 1942, it is obligatory on the employer to ensure health, safety and welfare of persons at workplace. 

Free Protection

Different provisions under the Factories Ordinance, 1942 require the employer to provide free protective equipment (breathing apparatus, eye protection glasses, exhaust appliances) to the worker whose work involves exposure to wet or injurious substances. (Sections 32, 51, 53 & 58 of Factories Ordinance) 


Section 26 of the Factories Ordinance requires that no young worker (under the age of 18 years) will be allowed to work on a machine unless he has been fully instructed about the dangers involved in operating the machine, has received sufficient training in that regard and is working under supervision of an experienced and knowledgeable worker. 

Labour Inspection System

Labour Inspection system seems quite in line with the provisions of C081 as Sri Lanka became the first South Asian country to launch the Labour Inspection System Application. The system allows the Labour Ministry  to better coordinate its labour administration institutions in country's 56 labour department offices. The Industrial Safety Division works under the Department of Labour to ensure safety, health and welfare of workers at the workplace by registering factories and conducting routine inspections. Labour Inspection system is provided under various sections of Factories Ordinance. 

Regulations on Health and Safety

  • Factories Ordinance, 1942